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The John F. Long Foundation, Inc. mission: 

A non-profit, charitable, Private Foundation established in 1959 by the Long family to support local charities, schools, education events and general community needs.

While there are guidelines to the Mission Statement, the Foundation Board reserves the right to adjust these from time to time.

Application Guidelines

Due to the large volume of requests, the Foundation is unable to respond positively to every grant request we receive.  Grant requests which are not consistent with our mission will not receive funding.

Review the eligibility criteria to determine if your grant request is eligible for considerationIf your organization does not meet the following Eligibility Requirements, your application can not be approved.

Eligibility Criteria

The Foundation will review applications from organizations that meet the following requirements:


Internal Revenue Service Tax Code / 501(c)(3) tax determination letter from the I.R.S.


Your organizationís purpose must be consistent with the mission of the Foundation


The grant request must be precise and complete, providing necessary detail


The Foundation Questionnaire is to be completed in its entirety (see below)


The grant request amount and time frame must be clearly communicated, i.e. one-time grant, ongoing support, or special project


If your request is for a particular event or program, providing a budget is always helpful


Requests for grants of $1,000.00 or more, as well as groups we have not funded within the past two years, must:

o        Provide financial reports/statements for past and current fiscal year

o        Provide a list of past donors going back no more than two years

Selection Criteria

The Foundation looks for groups who are working to help themselves, help their own communities, and help others like themselves through self-empowering, community organizing efforts.  Our approach to grant requests focuses on fostering local neighborhood vitality and excellence. The John F. Long Foundation supports local non-profit organizations that promote this objective. To be eligible for consideration, the grant request must meet the following criteria:


Fundsí use must have measurable benefits


 Your organization must have good management, a solid financial background, well-established administration policies and Board of Directors


We do not provide loans, start-up expenses or seed capital funding for private businesses or scholarships requested by individuals

If a grant proposal does not match the priorities outlined here, we suggest grant seekers identify other potential sources of funding.


Foundation Forms:  click here to view and print



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